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How to do link building to boost your digital marketing strategy

You may have heard about it: link building or the art of getting backlinks to your website. It’s everywhere, in each article about digital marketing strategy, yet you don’t fully understand what it is or why it’s so important.

They tell you to build links to your website, but they don’t explain why, what type of links, or even how. Let’s dissect the data so you can understand it.
Example of what link building is about, as if putting bricks to build a house so is creating links that point to your webiste

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Length equals quality in content marketing, does it? The ideal blog post length

To answer this question. No, length doesn’t necessarily equal quality. But, could be length an indicator of quality in a good blog post? Perhaps.

In the last years, there has been a shift to longer content. One good example is when, in 2017, Twitter finally gave in and rewarded us with 240 characters.

The social media company double how many characters users could fit into a tweet. This was the signal of how much people have to say now.

But before we start writing compulsively, let’s look at what content quality means.

Piece of paper and a pen with the text content: quantity vs. quality

Best practices Copywriting How to start SEO

The 3 best practices in content marketing you should pay attention to

Yes, I am giving you three. It can’t get easier than following these three golden rules.

Could I give you more? Sure, but because I try to stick to content marketing and not to SEO optimization – sometimes they are difficult to separate – in this blog post I will focus on these three.

Get ready for them.

Best practices How to start

How to start a career in digital marketing

They say the first post is the most difficult to write. To be honest, it didn’t take me more than 10 minutes to figure out what my first post should be like.

No hesitation, I knew that what I should write is what everyone who’s dipping their toes in the waters of SEO, content creation or social media is eager to know: how to start a career in digital marketing.

A that is a big question and I believe there is no one specific way. This reminds me to a conference I attended last week in Kødbyen, Copenhagen, about women in tech.

One of the panelists, Nina Varming-Petersen, explained that when she’s asked how to start a career in tech she answers “you should find the way that works for you”.