We curate your digital marketing plan

Whether it be content or growth hacking, you need to review and curate your business’ marketing actions. No new formulas, just improved methods. Doing this will help you stay on top of your digital marketing strategy.

We build a game plan that adequates to your current marketing actions and aims to improve them.

Icons that represent how to improve your content marketing

Improve your content in easy steps

Better than just creating more copy. When it comes to content, quantity or length doesn’t necessarily equal quality. A fully-fledged article brings more results than a dozen blog posts. At Slozano we teach you to find out and select what content works for your business.

  • Create a strategy: Think about what you want to do with your content: Is it for traffic or for sharing on social media? Figure it out first.
  • Plan the concept: Some businesses rely on written content, some others on visuals, and some on both. Let’s find your concept.
  • Compare and select: Look into what content you’ve created and how it performed amongst your readers, and select those more successful.
  • Start creating: With this knowledge in mind, it is time to reproduce this model. Remember to schedule when you will publish what.
  • Review and improve: While in the making, you can always go back to old content and apply what you have learned.

Make a clear SEO roadmap to grow your website

Regardless your business is online or offline, you need to have a powerful website. As a business owner, SEO is one of the most challenging disciplines to master: when you have time, Google changes the rules.

SEO is not only about growing traffic but also gaining conversions. More and more, search engines try to guess user’s search intent to provide them with the best result. Let us teach you how to do link building to boos your strategy or what on what keywords you should put the focus. We break down SEO so you can understand it and apply it. To start with, you can expect an organic search report that contains:

  • What keywords your competitors rank for and you should.
  • Which are your top pages and send you most of the traffic.
  • Suggestions for new keywords to start ranking for.
  • How to optimise for your users’ search intent.
  • What pages link to your competitors’ websites.
  • Where in your website to prioritise SEO optimisation.

We audit your site and come up with a clear action plan: easy to follow and easier to implement. And soon you will connect the dots and understand how content, backlinks and keyword optimisation leads to more business.

Apply growth hacking to your digital marketing strategy

To grow your digital marketing strategy means to grow your business. The more you sell, the better for you. That is what growth hacking is about. Although a marketer has a different focus than the growth hacker, there are many techniques in this realm you can apply to your digital marketing actions.

Pick your target group: That’s the most important lesson. Let us help you find out how your users behave and implement a marketing plan that targets those prospects.

Improve engagement: Talk your users at the right moment. We can help figure out when it’s time to send a welcome message or a newsletter with a discount. You don’t want to spam them.

AB test everything: Before making a change, test it first; regardless you’re sure it will work. Check the numbers to see whether you made the right choice. Maths don’t lie.

Optimise your conversion: With techniques like the above one, discounts, or even understanding the customer’s path you can get more sales. We can teach you how.

Too much to keep up with? No worries. We help you understand all of these metrics even when your numbers don’t add up.

Growth hacking in marketing is all about getting to know your users, analyse them, tackling SEO, and creating content that appeals to your prospects. We can create a personalised plan for your business.

Readjust your business’ branding

Rebranding is a process that happens in big and consolidated brands. For small businesses, whose brands are still under development, it’s preferable to readjust them.

Identify why you’re in the market: If you don’t know it yet, we can come up with a value proposition. Once you understand the why of your business, we can gravitate your product strategy around.

Understanding this will give you insights on who your customers are and how to bridge the gap in the market between you and your competitors. To do this, we can do competitor research. Sometimes, by contrast, it’s easier to see who your company is.

What you want to accomplish, or better said, what’s your mission and how you approach your users will determine your tone and personality.

Logo, typography and other visuals would require the need of a graphic designer, but by then you already know what to ask for.

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